OUR values

The commitment of “Limmud” – wherever you are in your Jewish journey, Limmud will lead you to the next step.

We have the  following principles:


  • Every person needs to learn and every person can teach
  • Learning entails personal development, the acquisition of knowledge and skills
  • Learning changes people, inspires actions and opens new worlds
  • We encourage the creation of a learning environment, where people can reflect and grow
  • There are many sources of inspiration that provide opportunities for learning and broadening Jewish horizons
  • We strive to create a personal, group and community experience, through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish identity

Encouraging interaction

  • We create an infrastructure for contact between individuals and communities.
  • We provide a space where spiritual, emotional, and intellectual connections are made.


  • Volunteering is a key element in almost everything we do.
  • We are all responsible to each other and to the community we create – everyone has an important contribution. We encourage people to be ambitious about their contribution
  • We set challenges for people and trust them to be able to meet them
  • We see the inherent potential in people and communities, and support their development
  • We empower people and provide them with the information they need to make an informed choice (including the CVs, which we ask the lecturers to present)


  • We value variety, and therefore seek to create cross-community and intergenerational experiences
  • We value accessibility and strive to be accessible to everyone
  • We value a variety of manner, content and style in our programs
  • We encourage people not to perceive others in a stereotypical way

Communal and mutual responsibility

  • Learning is a community of learners
  • We can achieve more together than as individuals
  • We receive and must give something in return to the Jewish community and the wider community


  • One person is not more important than any other person
  • We expect all participants to respect each other and to recognize that all volunteers are also participants
  • Personal attacks are not acceptable in any context of study, and especially in the study units at the various events

 Debate for Heaven’s sake

  • We recognize this and appreciate the fact that ‘Debate for Heaven’s sake’ can make a positive contribution in advancing our education and understanding
  • We do not take part in justifying or refuting any religious or political position found in the Jewish community around the world. A person who comes to study looking for opportunities to do so, will not find them.
  • Study units that encourage lively debate are perfectly acceptable, but we will try to avoid religious or political confrontation. The study units should focus on education and not polemics.

 Observance of Mitzvot

  • We seek to create an inclusive environment for all participants, no matter how strict they are with Mitzvot
  • We believe in the importance of observing Shabbat and kosher in all public places as much as possible, so that Jews will not be forced to separate themselves from each other
  • We recognize that in private areas people are allowed to drive as they wish
  • We ask that in matters of Shabbat and kosher all the participants behave in a manner that respects the adherence to the mitzvot.

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