Our Goals

Our Goals: To promote, improve and develop Jewish education and learning for the benefit of the public.

Limmud Israel connects communities and promotes learning and leadership development. Volunteers and participants come to our educational events from all walks of life and have many different affiliations with the Jewish community.

We live in an increasingly polarized world, and organized Jewish life is not exempt from this phenomenon. Limmud Israel strives to build a containing, vibrant and sustainable communities with the philosophy, “Wherever you find yourself, learning will take you. One step further in your Jewish journey. “

The need to diversify approaches to Jewish identity, to expand the culture of volunteering, and to welcome Jews from all backgrounds are all critical to the future health of any local Jewish community. Limmud connects Jews from all backgrounds through dynamic and inclusive expressions of Jewish life.

Israelis are looking for more inclusive spaces to explore diverse expressions of Jewish life. Study is the natural platform because we attract and bring together a wide variety of people – with different age groups, religious denominations, and levels of Jewish observance. We also incubate community leaders.

Internationally Limmud has grown organically through the enthusiasm of people to create for themselves a Jewish life. Through empowerment, networking, and volunteer support, Limmud helps prevent disorientation in an increasingly divided world.

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